Lockdown Diary – 2020 – 106 – Through the Barrier

I think this camel photograph, camel sexless but probably male, gazing out towards the females just brought back from grazing the desert, is high on my favourites’ list. The whole camel research station was an unexpected delight and the photograph says so much about captivity, breaking out, staying in…

It’s today’s choice because it has a fence or barrier and I finished the outline yesterday. Bursting through that barrier, I wrote a few hundred words of the story. I’ve taken advice from my fellow Capital Writer, Kate, and my husband, DH. Thanks to both for pulling me back from the edge.

Workmen got on with working. Me, as above. DH finished bits he needed to complete in the garden. Watched an interesting programme about Beethoven in which many of the professional musicians were reduced to tears as they described his battle with deafness.

Joined a zoom meeting of my badminton group in which I discover they all – ALL – have hair appointments. Phoned my hairdresser and left message. Await her return call in some excitement. Saw that Craigie’s Farm shop and pick your own fruit farm, will be offering appointments, too. Looks like a good ploy for next week after the freezer is switched back on.

Today’s ploy will be finding some books I might loan or exchange through my book group: there might be one or two…