Lockdown – 2020 – 17 – other parts of the NHS ‘eerily quiet’

Not your average NHS waiting room, but perhaps if you live in a rural area or on an island where the doctor may consult in their home, this might be it.

Nobody is suggesting hordes of us trot along to the GP but a front page article this morning quoted Dr Gregor Smith, acting CMO, as wondering whether some folk who should have consulted, haven’t. This thought prompted by a non-Covid 19 rise in recorded deaths over last year at the same time. We need, sensibly, to take care of and acount of our non-Covid 19 health issues.

I enjoyed a lovely after dinner walk around the area. Pieris is in its moment and several shrubs were remarkable for their brightness. There are also a goodly number of magnolia stellata – the lovely white one with star shaped blossom. Lots of gardens have cheery plantings of colourful spring flowers – daffodils, tulips, polyanthus, grape hyacynths and the more usual hyacinth. And there are windows with rainbows and teddy bears.

Scrabble was on last night. I won by 5 points. I instituted a bag for the tiles in the hope it would share out the biggies. However, DH got the x, z and q in his opening 7. Sadly, for him, he didn’t get the right vowels. I also opened with ‘puff’. I recommend you don’t do that, folks. Just saying.

Brilliant to have a ‘pavement visit’ from two family members.

Brilliant, too, that the utilities keep running. How many wonderful workers we need to thank for their continuing efforts.

What were your highlights?