Lockdown – 2020 – 19 – Bursting Bubbles

On the Boil

In fact, the bubble isn’t bursting, but there is a sense of things coming to a boil.

I enjoyed a short chat with one of our medical neighbours yesterday as she sat outside with one of her children. Before long, I found myself saying, “Of course I’m living in a bubble’. It’s an apology of sorts for the fact she, with children, is going into the front line and I am staying at home writing a blog about staying at home.

Doing what appears to be nothing is frustrating. Even when one understands why it’s being asked, it’s frustrating. However, deep breaths, we must carry on staying at home and thereby contribute to the best end result the country can achieve.

A Quality Product

Great call with some of the family yesterday. DH won at bridge, including a small slam achieved by his partner. Wrote!

Took note of things to tell you about:

On Facebook, pointed out by Kate Blackadder, What’s Onstage are streaming the live UK premiere of the musical Pride and Prejudice. Find that here 

Music by Paul Gordon

The Royal Scottish Academy, RSA, is having a virtual annual exhibition. That’s here

News of that came from a friend in France!

Capital Writer Jennifer, writing as Jo Allen, had a cover reveal for her third title from Aria books, Death on Coffin Lane. Pre-order here

This book is the third outing for Jo’s DCI Jude Satterthwaite.

There was a short and uplifting service from Mayfield Salisbury yesterday to mark Good Friday. Find that here

Short sermon by Revd Helen Alexander. Readings by Walter Thomson.

Stay Home