A – Z Challenge Y is for Yogi and Yellowstone

Courtesy of Vectorolie at FreeDigitalPhots,net

Courtesy of Vectorolie at FreeDigitalPhots,net

Yogi Bear was the wonderful cartoon fantasy that restored sanity to many a household of squabbling children during the late fifties and early sixties. When I said I was going for Yogi for today’s post my husband was right in there. His pal was Boo Boo and there was Mr Ranger, he said. and of course, he put me right over Yellowstone. It was Jellystone. 

100_3098I enjoyed a fabulous break in Jellystone around the Labor Day w/e. Andy Murray won the American Open and the hot springs sprung. I did not, however, see a bear of any kind; Grizzly, Brown, Black or Cartoon. There were other hikers who had and there were many signs portraying the reality of an angry bear whose territory had been invaded.

Reality versus fantasy? As a writer I have to deal in both, but I hope that the fantasies I weave are imbued with reality.

YellowstoneHow do you do it? Cartoon villains whose defeat is obvious from the get-go or equally crafted characters whose defeat becomes essential to the happy-ever-after?

I’ve always been interested in the more complex psychology of the villain and wrote my first long essay on them for Sixth Year Studies English. We have to recognise that Sherlock would be the less without Moriarty – don’t we?

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