Mills and Boon Masterclass

Mills and Boon are running a masterclass in Paradise Road on 28th February. Price is a hefty £195, but maybe if you live in London that looks like a snip.

Details are here:

I once attended one of their days in Newcastle and found it useful and fun. If you go do report back and tell us all.


Historical Heroes Submission

Okay, so I’ve just sent in a first chapter and blurb/pitch to the Historical Heroes opportunity at H Mills and Boon.

It was great fun to write and at four am I eventually worked out why my 100 word blurb wasn’t doing the same as the specimens I’d read across on their site. Re-written this morning and off it went.

The link is here for anyone hoping to enter. Three weeks with a final closing on 6th July. I’ve gone for the period I usually write in, Regency/Victorian, but you could go for Tudor/Medieval or Warrior types. Why not leave a comment and let everyone know? Mariah’s Marriage amazon US Mariah’s Marriage UK Bella’s Betrothal US Bella’s Betrothal UK