Lockdown Diary – 2020 -122 – It’s a Shelfie

Having only had print books in library editions from the amazing Ulverscroft until now, it was a great thrill to see Rosalie gazing out of the shelf at my local big Sainsbury’s. She’s now on the desk as I type and I have to hope the speculation that the shops only put out one at a time to avoid cross-contamination, is correct!

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So, finished the editing and submitted yesterday morning – got the editor’s opinion yesterday afternoon! Head down again, but great progress.

Ventured into the re-furbished Mathieson’s butcher’s shop. Wearing my hat, mask and with the fleece zipped to the chin, I thought I could be ignito. “Morning, Mrs G,” said the retired butcher I haven’t seen since Christmas. So looks like clandestine activities are off the agenda. The extended range of goods is welcome and I’m looking forward to the chill cabinets being fully stocked. I did buy some honey which was so eye-wateringly expensive the young assistant apologised. C’est la vie: honey is.

Heard from another editor yesterday and that was also a step on the way. DH booked a second rubbish appointment and a fruit picking one. Gooseberries here we come.



Lockdown Diary – 2020 – 80 – Scary Steps

The figures here convey a mix of aggression and fear as they push forward. I feel they encapsulate our collective psyche as we try it all out. Have we left enough time? Will we be able to avoid a cuddle with that grandchild we haven’t seen for three months?

There’s still much to be done – and much to be avoided.

DH spent nearly all day yesterday on the pc at virtual meetings and then playing bridge. This allowed me the mental space to get on with the wip which is now in much better nick. We still managed another slides’ viewing and visited Exeter, Devon, Arran and Glen Affric. Lamb curry from the freezer emptying project with an orange lentil daal – recipe from Hello Fresh. Lamb from Mathieson’s (Coq and Bull), Ratcliffe Terrace.

Lovely chat with a family member. They have so looked out for us.

In the writing world, Ann Burnett‘s tour continues. Today Sophie Claire‘s wonderful romance set partly in Provence, A Forget-Me-Not Summer is published in paperback. Romance with recipes – what’s not to enjoy. Congratulations, Sophie. Available from Tesco’s and bookshops and also on you-know-where here