A really Great Five Star Review

Muse Banner Mariah's Marriage

Muse Banner Mariah’s Marriage

I found this wonderful Five Star Review of Mariah’s Marriage on amazon.co.uk Just the thing an author needs to find now and again.

In many ways this is an unusual departure from the ‘standard’ Regency novel and all the more entertaining for its originality.
The heroine, Mariah, is feisty and determined and from the first time we meet her with Tobias Longreach (and a pig!) we know we are in for a great read.
Without wanting to spoil the plot, the villain is particularly well drawn and the period detail skilfully woven in to the story and to the dialogue.
The course of true love certainly doesn’t run smooth and there are a number of edgy episodes culminating in a finale where Mariah is in serious danger.
This is a book which will appeal to many readers and not only to fans of Regency novels.

Thanks to Myra Duffy for that.