A -Z Challenge Z is for Zed

ZED is a name I saw in the village of Lochinver in Assynt. It was on the sign-board of a thrift or second hand shop. It was the sort of shop where you can buy odd plates, granny’s glass jam dish, holiday reading and it was Zed’s.

I’ve used the name twice. Once in a short story and more recently in my wip, tentatively titled, Courting the Countess. In the new book, Zed is that indispensable man at the hero’s right-hand. He’s self-educated, upright, an orphan and darkly attractive to a certain kind of woman.

Zed is so attractive to this woman that she’s started writing a companion novella to tell his story and that of the countess’s maid.

So far from being the last word, Zed has become an ongoing one. What do readers think? The first parallel story I remember is from Paul Scott’s wonderful Raj Quartet when he tells the first novel over again in the voice of another character. I was spell-bound.

Mirror work

Mirror work

I have enjoyed my month of a-z blogging and have visited many great blogs on the way. If you’ve dropped in here to see what goes on, I hope you’ve found something to please and thank you for coming. Anne, whose name led us out…

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