Lockdown Diary 2020 – 112 – Out and about

A friend took this picture when I was down in London for the RNA’s Winter Party. When will I be in London again? When will I go anywhere that needs one of my rather lovely jackets?

Who Knows. There’s quite a lot of out and about around here in the meantime.

To start with, I’ve been keeping a close eye on the various shop renovations going on. The corner shop now looks very splendid and is To Let. What will we get? The butcher’s has a way to go, but I live in hope. There’s only one property for sale in the street, but lots of workmen are appearing. We have a squad and there’s about to be some next door. Lots of the local shops have been freshened up – I had to remember not to reach out and touch the wall of the post office this morning. It’s brick red. One of the beauty parlours has gone for a quieter aqua.

Posted a ‘decade’ birthday card off to Canada. Brought in some toilet rolls! Put the freezer back on. Looking forward to stocking up on the household’s preferred bread. Saw our local bus running. Yay! Met loads of neighbours and guess what the main topic of conversation was? That’s right – masks. What is our cultural problem?