A – Z Challenge L is for Lindsay

Lindsay or Linsey or one or two other spellings is the surname I chose for my hero in Bella’s Betrothal His first name is Charles.


The wonderful The Surnames of Scotland by George Fraser Black, pub Birlinn, records Lindsay as probably French in origin and notes that there are 200 variations. He says it is territorial. There have been Lindsays in Scottish public life since the 1100s. Whisper it, but the name arrived here via Lincolnshire – well too far to travel from Rouen to Scotland on a horse in armour without taking the odd rest.

It’s one of those names that people like because it goes on and on having revivals and is now used for both sexes. Although it wasn’t well represented in my school – I remember one – my children’s generation have many.

Who’s your favourite Lindsay or Linsey? Give them a shout out.

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