Lockdown Diary – 2020 – 92 – Rain Stopped Play

Was all set for my second face to face with a pal today but it’s raining where she is and will probably move north across the city.

Boo! Just when I was summoning up the resolve to GET ON A BUS.

I see a lively discussion on FB about the sheer boredom of cooking every day for people who aren’t natural cooks. I think I am a natural cook in so far as I enjoy taking raw ingredients and producing an edible meal. Like my writing, I regard it as creative and have always heard a little voice in my head directing my hand towards a particular spice jar or utensil.

However, I am totally with the ‘I may have had enough of this for now’ group. The two platters we’ve enjoyed from LeftField, the celebratory dinner from The Little Chartroom and the Afternoon Tea from Mimi’s have been so welcome.

From next week, there’s going to be a new name in ready-made home delivery service. Watch this space!

Spent the day immersed in editing as, to my surprise and delight, the ed asked for the full MS. It’s gone and I can slope back to fingernail chewing. (Actually, I don’t and never have done.) Attended Scottish Opera’s online schools’ work, FEVER. This brilliant scheme sees some of the professionals taking a script and songs into schools where a perfomance is given for parents. All online at present, but so amazing for the children to get such a chance. Also Zoom meet-up with friends. DH played bridge.

Fresh fish and chips for me – what’s your takeaway longing?



Lockdown Diary – 2020 – 89 – Completions

Book Sale books

Yesterday saw the completion of a couple of projects. I typed The End at the bottom of the novel I’ve been working on. I read to the end of an ARC I was sent by a friend’s publisher just before the Whit bank holiday.

Question, Dear Reader, why does everything take longer when time isn’t an issue?

So, today will be rounding off. I need to prep the MS for submission, tidy up the synopsis and write the covering letter. I need to craft a comment on my friend’s work to send to her publisher.

The freezer emptying continues and as I hoped, some lovely stuff has been hiding in the depths. Yesterday I found the pheasant I was sure was in there and this morning a box of blackcurrants. Delia’s blackcurrant shortcake is a favourite pud so that’s that sorted for tonight.

We collected a Seafood Platter from LeftField yesterday as a family member’s birthday treat. Photos on What’s App looked great. Watched The Magic Flute on u-tube courtesy of the Royal Opera House. I really enjoyed Siobhan Stagg‘s performance as Pamina.

Resolution – must get fresh air today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!