Lockdown Diary – 2020 – 88 – Bubbling through

On the Boil

Lots of bubbles here as the marmalade comes ‘through’ the boil. So looking forward to forming our own. Also delighted that some of those ‘shielding’ may now walk out and get some real fresh air. It has been a long haul.

I saw on FB this morning a reference to International Picnic Day. Checking this out I discover that there is a calendar and you can see it here

Writers may find this useful.

Today is Martini Day. Are you a shaken or stirred sort? Yesterday was Picnic Day and the Royal Museum of Scotland was displaying Bonnie Prince Charlie’s travelling picnic set. Most of it, knife, fork, spoon, recognisable. Some of it, marrow scoop, less so.


I finished the jigsaw.

I attended a streamed funeral. I joined some family over the airwaves while we completed a wooden jigsaw – fewer pieces than above, but quite tricky, too. I went to a book group on zoom. I made great progress with the ARC. I also progressed the WIP.

Some days, even in Lockdown, are more rewarding than others.



Lockdown Diary – 2020 – 54 – A Completion of Sorts

The artwork is by Israel Dov Rosenbaum 1877 and is called Design for the Eastern wall. It made a very satisfactory jigsaw as there was so much detail. Unlike the earlier ones of acres of Scottish bog and blue sky with the odd cloud, these animals, birds and artifacts all offered a clue for the compiler.

A completion of sorts for these strange times. DH and I sat around the table in the front window with a glass before supper, for a couple of nights, and watched the world go by. Not quite a street café in Munich or Palermo, but a change in the current limited routine.

Enjoyed some fresh smoked haddock from the fish van.



Lockdown Diary – 2020 – 28 – Hair today

Mirror work

The lockdown is still in weeks but it reaches 4 of those today and that will see us move into months.

As we move into months of no socialising in person, no frivolous shopping, no this and no that, what about the body beautiful? Specifically, who else is finding their hair wrapped around their specs when out for the constitutional? Edinburgh is not short of either hills or breeze.

One friend has managed a selfie of trimming the fringe but thinks the rest of her crowning glory is beginning to look like something a 70s pop star would have sported. Several others are lamenting the loss of colouring.

I’ve been wearing my own hair a little bit longer for the last few years.

It may still be just presentable when we’re allowed out again. On the other hand, perhaps we’ll all be hiding below shawls like the rather lovely one worn by a Rajasthan dancer, above.

The jigsaw made good progress. The DH sent a family tree out for consultation. We had a lovely chat with some of the family. I watched the 2016 Midsummer Night’s Dream through closed fingers and without a cast list. Will need to find that today. I noticed some infill building last night on my walk. Made progress with the book group book.

What are you missing most?