Lockdown Diary – 2020 – 33 – Arrival of the Ladies

Gala dinner Library

This diary was to record the small positives and yesterday, in the face of a setback, there was one such. She’s called Heather and she’s the first female butcher I’ve encounterd in my local shop despite being a customer there for nearly 40 years.

However, you’re all agog to learn whether I made the shortbread and if so how was it. Well, I did. Like the lady who recorded the recipe, I found it needed a bit longer in the oven than recommended. I suspect recording country recipes is the ultimate justification for that sentence on the packets of ready-meals. All cooking appliances vary. These are recommendations only. It tasted very nice and with practice will become better fired.

Just a marker: JB Priestley’s great mid-twentieth century play, An Inspector Calls, arises out of  the apparent suicide by drinking disinfectant, of destitute shop assistant, Eva Smith. Disinfectant is for surfaces!

Good progress with the book group book, now my after lunch read. Moved on among the Heyers to The Reluctant Widow. Installed a mountain range in the jigsaw. Met a local friend while out. She’s really knowledgeable about trees and told me the name of my favourite one in the district. It’s a Crack Willow and is not, apparently, commonly found in town.