A – Z Challenge I is for Illya

The world divides and I was always, always in the Illya Kuryakin camp. The Man From U>N>C>L>E> was Napoleon Solo but we David McCallum fans knew where the real star quality was.

There is a meshing of character and actor that can take place and cause some actors a lot of distress. More than one soap actor has been confused in the public mind with the character they portray and in some unfortunate cases attacked in public when a story-line went sour.

I can’t imagine I would have attacked Illya, I mean David. My main problem where people I admire is concerned is that I’m often tongue-tied in their presence. All the funny, smart or even intelligible things I might have said take flight in the presence of these great ones.

Maybe it was the black polo-neck sweaters beloved of Illya.

This blog may return to better sense tomorrow, but in the meantime a little homage goes a long way. I love NCIS, too. Dr. Mallard is a genius character. They are all genius characters, but it’s the combination that brings the joy.

Edits for Daisy’s Dilemma underway and the cover art finalised. I know, you’d like to see it. If you’re good…

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