Storing: Catelyn Cash

Catelyn on the beach

Catelyn on the beach

Catelyn Cash, my guest today, has been storing up a cache of short stories and novellas while working away on the longer pieces. Catelyn is published in novella length by Loose-Id and Xcite books. These are Hot Erotic romance for the discerning reader. However, like most writers, Catelyn Cash is beavering away on several fronts. Novels Now asked her what.

Question: What else are you writing at the moment, Catelyn?

Like many writers I have various projects on the go. I’m in the middle of a post apocalyptic paranormal romance which is new ground for me but it’s a book I’ve wanted to write for years. I’m also trying my hand at category romance, something I’ve tried before without success but return to periodically. And I’ve recently rediscovered short stories. I hadn’t written any since school but entered a competition, won, and got the bug. Now I see ideas for short stories everywhere which is great.

Question:  Is this for paid publication?

That’s always the goal, isn’t it? My short stories bring in money from magazines. And some competitions pay very well indeed, though, of course, you’ve actually got to win! Ideally the novels will one day be published too. I can dream.

Question: How easy is it to move in and out of different disciplines?

Surprisingly so. My erotic romances are great fun to write. But I’d struggle to write them full time and need a break in between. The novels are fun too and because the two I’m working on are so very different, if I get stuck with one, I simply move on the other and let my subconscious resolve the problem, which beats staring in desperation at a blank page. I break off and write the short stories whenever an idea comes to me, then later tailor them to a market. Of courseCC_Highland Trinity_coversm the danger is that I flit from one discipline to the other and never finish anything so I do have to set myself deadlines. And then I have to stick to the deadlines. Which on the whole, sadly, I don’t.

Question: Where can readers find copies of your shorter pieces?

And of course from amazon. Links on my website

My short stories pop up as and when in magazines and competition websites when I’m lucky enough.

Thanks for joining me today, Catelyn. I have to say, I think the ‘luck’ you refer to, looks awfully like hard work. Well deserved recognition, I think. Mariah’s Marriage amazon US Mariah’s Marriage UK Bella’s Betrothal US Bella’s Betrothal UK