Wash the Soap Season

At this time of year, much work is being done in our garden by the Head Gardener, otherwise known as the DH, so it’s wise to wash the soap before trying to wash your hands.


We  visit many gardens and the picture is of a Cambridge college one taken early in the year. Fortunately, our house isn’t surrounded by the amount of space on show or my husband might need assistance with his efforts. While I like the flowers and his blackcurrants are truly wonderful, gardening is not my favourite pastime. It’s good to have separate but complementary interests.

One of the things we need to remember when creating characters who fall in love, is that the marriage, particularly in a historical romance, goes on for many years. The Heroine and her Beau need to have things in common that they can agree about or disagree over.

Mariah Fox finds herself caught up in Tobias’s argument about teaching when he asks her whether only she can do the teaching. Is it not the case, he wants her to consider, that a countess would be in a powerful position to enable teaching?

So, while I won’t be getting mud under my fingernails, I do have a few boxes of spring bulbs I’m keen to see planted up. Wonder where the gardener is…

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“Oh, Mariah, let us not quarrel. We will be married within the month. At least your papa’s house contains plenty of books. You may practise throwing them.” anne stenhouse

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 …a solitary figure ahead among some gorse and shrubs. Charles thought she made a beautiful picture in her riding habit with the exquisite hat Jenny Menzies wished to inherit. He thought the girl might get it sooner rather than later if he followed his instincts. At that precise moment, he wanted to shake Bella hard. Then he would lock her in the castle in Strath Menzies and hold her forever. anne stenhouse

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