Book Review


Christy McKellen’s first romance, Her New Worst Enemy, gets off to a page turning start with a quirky, slightly ditzy heroine. Don’t we love them? And a tall handsome hero. They’ve got much in their favour too.

Ellie is not quite in recovery from being dumped by The Rat, Paul, and Gideon is not at all in recovery from being abandoned as a child by his grandparents and older sister. So far, so what happens next to keep you reading Her New Worst Enemy?

Lots, and I mean lots, of intriguing and inventive action in the bedroom, the kitchen, the shower… All in the best possible taste, folks. Christy’s style and language are attractive too making the book a fast paced, modern read. I had it on my kindle and London to Edinburgh whistled past in no time.

Christy has a secondary plot threaded throughout which keeps the principle one moving as the H & H approach the problem from different standpoints and we get not one, but two happy endings.

Great first novel from Christy McKellen and Crimson Romance. I look forward to future treats.