Diary of a Writer – Waiting Stages

DSC00252Waiting Stages are not novel to a writer’s life. We all have waiting stages. Take the lady or ladies who knitted the above tree decoration which I spotted in Argentina. How long will it be before such a work is recognised in the way wanted? Immediately, after a few days, when the local paper photographs it, when social media broadcasts it around the globe?

How sad is it that so much artistic effort is ahead of its time and only comes into the recognition stage after, sometimes long after, the creator is dead?

What am I currently waiting for?

An acceptance, outstanding royalties, competition results and the freezer de-frosting. The greatest of these is that freezer.

De-frosting a freezer, in my experience, is one of those life events like waiting for an automatic gate to open. It does it when it does it. Not substantially before and rarely much later. Fertile grounds for observing human nature.

Bella’s Betrothal