A – Z Challenge G is for George

 George is today’s pick. I could have gone with many others, like Gary, for example, but George it is.

Beloved of the Hanoverian dynasty in the UK, George is Greek in origin and means a man who works the soil or was a farmer. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have chosen George as the name of their son and that will no doubt have a spin-off effect in the population as a whole: like William did in his own generation.

The George of George Square

The Menzieses' House No 20

The Menzieses’ House No 20


where much of the action of my Bella’s Betrothal takes place was not, however, George iii, but George the brother of architect James Brown who built it. At the turn of the nineteenth century George Square was an immensely posh place to live and some of the wonderful buildings remain, having escaped development.

It’s quite common for streets to be called after the owner of the land or its developer. Another G I have used in my books is Grosvenor. Tobias Longreach has a town-house in London’s Grosvenor Square and I’m currently back there everyday at present as I deal with the edits for Daisy’s Dilemma. Together with Lincoln’s Inn fields, Grosvenor Square is the largest residential square in London. It has been rebuilt many times, but remains a sought after address.

Do you live in a street called after its builder? Do wish you did because your local council opted for the cause celebré of the moment?

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