Lockdown – 2020 – 18 – Are those Green Shoots only on the trees?

Listening this morning to a calm and level-headed discussion of the current state of the pandemic UK on Radio 4, had a grounding effect. Basically, we haven’t been here before and anything’s possible. However, it is far too soon to stop social isolation measures and we have to go on finding the inner strength to keep going on.

Talking of finding things, I came across some of my Scotsman vouchers. Carefully set aside to be used from the booked holiday cottage, they can now go round to the newsagent.

This might be the month to tackle my filing. Goodness knows what else I might find. Sigh!

So Hello Fresh was delivered following a phone call from a nice young lady explaining what, due to sourcing problems, wouldn’t be in the box. The delivery driver chatted from the safe distance while he photographed my delivery in situ.

Anyone else enjoying dipping into the original NCIS on Drama channel? It had everything: Mark Harmon, David McCallum, Dinozzo, Caitlin, and Abby and Timothy and Jenny will be arriving soon with Mike Franks to add a little sauce. For drama and nonsense, it’s hard to think of anything else in their league.

So, I didn’t shop. I watched a programme on how to clean to defeat the virus effectively. Dilute bleach and soap and water are top recommendations. I did work on the wip. I walked after supper. I joined in the applause from the window. I read more of Charity Girl.

Supposing you like a gritty detective novel, Emma Salisbury has a new DS Coupland book, 6th in a series, out. You can read all about Sticks and Stones in Emma’s guest post on Portobello Book Blog here