Lockdown Diary – 2020 – 75 – Virtual Everything

Anne in Leeds Trinity 2018

I’ve just enrolled for this year’s 60th Anniversary Conference of the Romantic Novelists’ Association. It will be a virtual conference, but there’s a line-up of excellent speakers and in the evening the chance to raise a glass to our 60 wonderful years, with our Chair, Alison May. (Hope I’ve got the punctuation right there as I don’t want to imply Alison has been in the chair for 60 years.) Alison will be announcing the winner of the Elizabeth Goudge Trophy in that slot. I haven’t entered the competition which is now closed, but I know someone who has, so fingers crossed for her.

I did take a mask out with me yesterday although I didn’t wear it. I know, I know. Getting there though, folks. Getting there. The walk up to Newington was fine and I enjoyed being in the fresh air after staying in on Wednesday. Unfortunately, the bee sting reaction didn’t enjoy the walk and I spent the afternoon asleep.

Discovered Pride and Prejudice, Jennifer and Colin, on the i-player. Yay! Read some of The Toll Gate. Completed some of the jigsaw. Cooked Cod á l’Indienne from the Cordon Bleue book for supper. The book was possibly intended for people who were in country house kitchens as it usually starts with a whole item, ie a whole cod. I’ve found it invaluable over the years even without a country house. Together with a Good Housekeeping ‘Bible’ and Delia’s Book of Cakes, that’s really my repertoire.

What’s the cooking ‘Bible’ in your kitchen?