It’s June – the seeds are sown

If you work to a calendar that begins in January, then June is the middle of the year. Maybe you’ve polished up the stuff that kept you anchored to the computer in the dark months and you’re waiting to hear from a publisher?

What might you do now? Well, I expect the novelists among us will be fermenting the next set of characters and fashioning a plot line, but what else? Are you writing something else while the brain gets back onto its tram-lines? Sorry, we have new trams in Edinburgh -won’t mention them again.

It’s also the case that many people enjoy trying their hand at more than one sort of writing. A lot of romantic novelists will have started out as magazine short story writers and like to keep their hand in.

I asked a few of my writing friends for an idea of what they were writing.

First up is Jennifer Young

Jennifer Young

Jennifer Young

author of Thank You For The Music Thanks for dropping in Jennifer. I know you have a scientific background and can spell the names of volcanoes which the rest of us simply refer to as the Icelandic one.

What else are you writing at the moment?

At the moment, in addition to playing with the next full-length novel, I’m working on regular earth science articles for the Decoded Science website – I do a weekly earthquake roundup plus news articles. That’s my main focus, but I’m also tied up in writing a Masters dissertation (does that count?). Oh, and in between times there’s some travel writing and the occasional piece of short fiction.
Is this for paid publication?
Like most writers, it’s an ‘in theory’ yes! I get paid but I’ll never be minted. That doesn’t matter – words are my playthings as well as the tools of my trade so if I get paid a little for using them it’s a bonus.
How easy is it to move in and out of different disciplines?
I find it quite difficult. Because the approaches required are very different – and conflicting – I try to separate them. I might wake up one morning and decide it’s a science day – accurate, properly-sourced information only – and on another it’ll be fiction and I just make it up as I go along.
Where can readers find copies of your shorter pieces?
My short fiction pops up as and when. If you want to look at my science writing it’s on Decoded Science , under the geoscience heading, and if you want to read my travel writing you’ll find it at Buckettripper . Look for me under the ‘about our authors’ tab on either site – but there are plenty of wonderful writers on both!
Jennifer’s debut romantic novel is Thank You For The Music published by Tirgearr
Cover Thank You For The Music

Cover Thank You For The Music Mariah’s Marriage amazon US

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