Winter Wonder – a Story for the Darker Days

“Oh Lennox, until these last few moments, I don’t think I knew I was ill and in need of getting better,” Mary said. She flinched as her husband’s expression clouded with pain and his bright eyes remained dark. What had caused this huge disruption in their lives? Whatever it was, she decided, enough was enough. She could see her family had suffered, too, and she must make some effort to shake it off.

“Then that is good,” Lennox said, interrupting her thoughts. “The doctors asked us to keep you as quiet and untroubled as we could.” He shifted his weight and she watched the long ripple of muscle beneath his shirt. He was carrying her carriage cloak and within seconds had it draped around her, lifting her with ease to slide the thick wool beneath her thighs. The movement, the feeling of being in someone else’s power, caused a shiver along her nerves.

“Thank you, but you, sir, will be ill shortly. What devil possessed you to come out of the house wearing no coat?” Mary was surprised by the pleased glint of amusement on Lennox’s face.

“Now that last dose of tincture has worn off, your tongue is as to the point as ever.”

Mary dropped her gaze and studied her hands. Why, she wondered, was there a ring of red marks on the back of her right? Had someone bitten her?