Lockdown Diary – 2020 – 57 – Stamina Needed

When in paradise, Saladero Eco Lodge, Costa Rico, do not walk under the coconut palms. Instead follow this trail to your hut or tent created by planting the tops of pineapples as kerbstones. Waste not, want not.

Hoilidays may come again and in the meantime if you’re a facebook person, Saladero have been posting links to the wildlife cameras on the estate. This morning’s one shows a huge variety of ground dwelling fauna going about their business in early 2020.  Watching it, I could almost think I was listening to the howler monkeys calling…

We all want the exit strategy to mark an end game but the nature of mutating viruses makes that unlikely. Needing to refresh a little yesterday, I chose a slightly different walk in the evening. The street had smaller front gardens, often with a car parked in them, and different flora to the big trees and shrubs growing in the mansionhouse gardens. Some of it very pretty. One rather untended front garden had the loveliest yellow columbine growing a bit like a weed. Dare I go back and ask for some seed later in the year?

Zoom-ed into the badminton ladies. Forgot it was Victoria Day and had an abortive trip to the butcher’s! Duh! Began to get into Friday’s Child, the current GH, which had been annoying me a little.

If you’re in need of some Scottish based contemporary fiction, try Capital Writer, Kate Blackadder’s Family Stories box set. Kate has written several serials for People’s Friend and has collected three of them in this set at £3.99 for your kindle.