Across on Exquisite Quills

Some blog owners very generously offer the chance to publicise on their blog. Rose Anderson and Exquisite Quills is one such. Today for example Exquisite Quills asks for a 2-3 line snippet and a buy link. I’ve put up this for Bella’s Betrothal:


Charles Lindsay released her mouth slowly, and she was fascinated by the clouding of his eyes as he opened them and stared into hers. Anger melted into the moment.
The peace, however, did not last long enough for any treaty negotiations to begin.
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Mariah’s Marriage has its own warm moments. Here’s one from the evening Mariah’s plans go a little astray:

A cold frisson of fear touched her heart. The earl had engineered her presence in the garden without any kind of escort and with none of his relatives to give them countenance.

          ‘You have tricked me, sir,’ she said.

          ‘My beautiful girl, of course I have,’ he said as he pulled her into his embrace and kissed her.

Tickle your fancy? Daisy’s Dilemma is coming soon and carries forward the story of Lady Daisy from Mariah’s Marriage. Watch this space for early notice of her beautiful cover from CK Volnek.


Exquisite Quills Monday Wash-line

Exquisite Quills kindly invite other writers onto the blog and, in the comments, we can post a snippet of our work.

Today, it’s what the characters are wearing. I chose a tantalising snippet explaining, I hope, why Mariah and her female staff are overwhelmed by Tobias’s appearance. It’s here with some others, if you’re interested.