Bella’s Betrothal Publication Day And so to Bed

annes pictures 2012 2A 105

Bella’s Betrothal features a heroine who is of her time. She’s aristocratic, but curious outside her social circle. She’s gently raised, but a fearless rider. She’s respectful of her elders, but not overwhelmed by them. She’s aware of the constraints that govern her life, but willing to push the boundaries.

I hope in Bella, I’ve created an attractive character many of you will enjoy getting to know. Her story has a strong erotic undertone, but it’s not the eroticism of naughty words and even naughtier garments. It’s the eroticism of patience.

And so, to bed? Or…

Launch day has been lots of fun and I’ve loved welcoming you on here and on Facebook. Come again, stay awhile, leave your calling card. For now though, it’s ‘Goodnight. Sleep well.’