Lockdown Diary – 2020 – 60 – Steady as She Goes

Sixty days and counting. The prospect of seeing some of the family I haven’t seen, except on screen, for two months, makes me light-hearted. At the same time, looking out at the trees thrashing around in a warm wind, makes me cautious, too. Now really is the time to keep the ship steady.

Biobank have been in touch. Would I be prepared to be part of their research into the virus, please? And would I ask any adult children and grandchildren not living in my house. Of course, I would. I have had so much interest out of being a Biobank participant over the years. The selection will be random and although I’m now in the pool, I might not become one of the swimmers. Time will tell.

Followed a usual route to the local Sainsbury’s yesterday and found Elliott’s open on Sciennes Road. Their Instagram is here 

Scroll down to find the menu of what’s available. Pastries anyone?

Apologies for the chaotic publishing on Facebook yesterday. A combination of a technical problem with my site and another with my FB author page led to all sorts of false starts. It posted eventually. We’ll see how today’s goes.