A – Z Challenge D is for Daisy

100_4575Daisy’s Dilemma is in edits and cover art discussions at the moment. Check back for news of release and pre-order dates soon.

So what about Daisy? Daisies are a white flower. they frequently grow through the grass lovingly tended by gardeners. Interestingly the word goes back to Old English and means something like the day’s eye – isn’t that lovely? Over time of course daisies have been hybridised and can be sourced in different colours.

Daisy was a very popular girls’ flower name in earlier times. I remember our dancing teacher setting an arrangement to Daisy, Daisy, Give me your answer do. The rest of the lyrics feature a tandem so we’re looking at the turn of the twentieth century.

No-one in my class or school was called Daisy but the family has a young friend of that name today. Why did I choose it for the heroine of a romantic novel?

Good question. Her baptismal names, as the countess her mama points out with some irritation in Mariah’s Marriage, are .Katerina Grizelda Anne Di Torres. Certainly Daisy is easier to say. I like it. It has warmth and energy and you feel the Daisies  of the world can do anything.


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