Lockdown – 2020 – 20 – Happy Easter

Happy EasterIn the spirit of the holiday weekend, we opened a bottle of prosecco last night and I spent yesterday afternoon watching Pride and Prejudice, the musical, online, on facebook.

In the range of things I didn’t ever expect to be able to lay claim to, watching a musical of Pride and Prejudice on a computer is high on the list. For much of my life, there has been no facebook and online refered to the washing. However, I enjoyed it hugely. The stream of facebook postings down the side was mostly irritating, but occasionally entertaining. I thought Mary Mattison was very watchable as Lizzie and I’d love to hear two of her songs again. The song refusing Mr Collins was fantastic and the one when she begins to see there is another side to Mr Darcy was also very good indeed.

Today will be an Easter Day like no other for many of us. Through the wide range of reasons from lockdown to bereavement, there will be a lot of unhappiness, restlessness and in some households, misery. We’re in this together and, sadly, for a longer time than many of us first thought.

Warmest thanks are due to those going into work to look after us, to feed us, to keep the transport moving, to service the utilities and to police the few who just aren’t getting it.

Many churches have their services online. My own, Mayfield Salisbury have done that. You can access the words and music here

I did do some writing, take a walk in the late afternoon and e-mail a few friends.