Diary of a Writer – October Prompt

Sea Lions, Chile

Sea Lions, Chile

Last month’s prompt was a path bordered by lush green gunnera. It was relatively peaceful, although one or two of you found sinister thoughts along the disappearing pathway and into the hidden areas beyond.

I took October’s prompt, above, while on a botanical trip to Chile. It was perhaps my favourite outing of the whole expedition and the island in the picture is part of the reason.

It’s an island – and like JM Barrie, I’m mildly fascinated by them.

It’s covered in sea lions.

The scene is full of life and energy. The sea lions fought an ongoing struggle to get out of the boiling waters among the rocks and onto the island. It was mesmerising to watch.

Sorry you have to take my word for the sea lions. My camera isn’t strong enough to show them in detail, but they are there.

How does the prompt affect you? Care to share any piece with us?


Diary of a Writer

Muse Banner Mariah's Marriage

Muse Banner Mariah’s Marriage

So, (that’s a Facebook start, hmn!), what does the diary of a writer look like and why don’t I wait until 1st April to begin?

Waiting till 1st April and saying it was part of the A-Z challenge would be sensible. So, being a creative, that’s probably out. I can plan and occasionally plot, though. Much to my surprise, I did both for the People’s Friend serial writing competition. Didn’t win, but was short-listed in top six…

Chuffed is me.

…and having planned and plotted, I did find a lot of things easier. For a start, the process showed me when I began to write the first instalment that I had too much story for the proposed word count.

It’s now written and I’m in the waiting stage. More about waiting stages tomorrow.