Lockdown Diary – 2020 – 107 – Those Empty Pages

A modest selection

It has a double meaning – writers do that sort of thing you know.

On the one hand, I still have no diary entries apart from one (a very, very special family reunion, though) and on the other, Monday evening provided that high dive moment – once you’ve typed up your author details in single space on p1 what are you going to write in the rest of a WHOLE serial?

Thank goodness I know my name because I can type that on the centre of the page, below ‘By’. From the agonising work that is choosing a title (you know the publisher will change in due course if the work is accepted) to the opening sentence, getting started is possibly the most difficult part of the whole process.

So, I did find the central character’s voice and we’re off.

On the diary front. We did receive an invite yesterday and, after checking the weather forecast, are minded to go. I also made a suggestion to DH for an outing. Still awaiting executive approval.

Made Delia’s Apricot crumble cake, did a bit of lunch-type shopping, wrote to my editor (and got a reply), met several neighbours while out. One of them was keen to tell me how much he enjoyed his Inside Meal menu 1 from Appetite Delivers and that he’ll be back. Menu 2 is here

Went to bed early with Jennifer Koestler’s Regency world of Georgette Heyer. It’s an astonishingly rich depiction of the world GH made her own.

Are your diaries filling up?