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October Prompt ~ Lace Doily ~ Have I ever made anything as intricate and beautiful as a lace doily? That would be a ‘No’.

On the other hand, my life often enough takes on the complexity of such work and October is looking to be no less so than several other months this year and last. The value of the prompt is in reminding me of the possibility of arriving at such a beautiful conclusion.

So, what issues are hanging on my Bobbins?

Firstly, I need to get on with a lot of writing admin. The tax return for last year, record keeping and train tickets to the RNA winter party (going without responsibility for the first time in a long time. Thanks, Sue).

Writing – Who thought it would be a nice idea to enter the Mslexia Novella competition, being unpublished in that length? Okay, that was me and the fee and entry uploaded without incident. Isn’t it great that technology has at last arrived at an understanding of the actual needs of some users? Never say never, so it needs to be finished while the idea is still hot.

The project I’m engaged on with DC Thomson. Nearly there, just waiting for a few clearances.

A workshop for the Scottish Association of Writers. To be delivered in March, but advertised before then.

Real Life – Church stuff, Christmas stuff, Strictly has started, people stuff……………………. So lucky to have them all around.

What’s on your Bobbins?





Abandoned Places as Inspiration: And a FREE Flash Fiction story by me.

Des Res World War II

Des Res World War II

Rhobin’s ask this month is for an idea of how abandoned places have acted as inspiration for our writing.






The very first short story I sold and saw published was called Stereotypes. (Scots Magazine, DC Thomson, Dundee). It was inspired by an overgrown and apparently abandoned garden the children and I used to pass on our way to their school every morning. The story was about a lady professor and a male cleaner finding love when he becomes her cleaner and it was told in the form of the notes employer and employed left for each other.

That house wasn’t described as anything like the one in the picture and I haven’t as yet found a story for that picture. I took it while visiting a house in West Scotland which had once belonged to my husband’s maternal family. The picture represents the cooking facilities available to a family bombed out of Clydebank and housed in the chauffeur’s flat. The flat was part of what had been the stable-block and has enormously tall doors.

The Laundry

The Laundry







Regular visitors to this blog may well recognise this picture which I have posted before and which has inspired a fair bit of my writing. I knew as I went round this laundry complex that I was going to write about it and I have. Two flash fiction pieces: Sibling Rivalry, at Shortbread, and The Laundry Wife’s Daughter, at Writelink, have so far been published online. The Laundry Wife’s Daughter won first prize in a competition.

However, I knew there was still a biggie to come and when the Romantic Novelists’ Association asked for the beginning of a novel featuring a new take on a fairy tale – I got it. It’s the novel I’m currently working on and I’m back in Edinburgh, 1819. Watch this column for more news.

So abandoned places certainly fire my imagination. I’m really looking forward to finding out what my fellow round robinner’s have described. I’m followed by Judith Copek, but you can click on any of the links below to take you to another post on this subject.bannerfans_962234

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