Lockdown Diary – 2020 – 91 – A New Project


Working in the sunshine on Daisy’s Dilemma


Having sent the completed MS off into the electronic ether yesterday, today, like many other people, sees the beginning of a new project. Many will be heading back into the actual workforce this morning. That might be a strange experience and I wish them well.

Broke up the jigsaw last night to make space for the one DH is now undertaking. Made progress with Sprig Muslin which has the most intractable teenage rebel (female) at its heart: an absolute joy and a recommendation from someone on FB. Had a long walk in the late afternoon between showers. Didn’t meet anyone I knew until I encountered my next door’s. Some housework and Rev Helen Alexander’s online reflections. Listened again to David Greig‘s Adventures with the Painted People – you could, too.

Victorian Edinburgh here I come.




Lockdown Diary – 2020 – 82 – Shopping

Prickly dress suitable for Bridezilla

I think this dress is displayed in a museum in Manchester – but I could be wrong. It was striking in its own way although I cannot imagine trying it on far less wearing it.

Shopping was on my mind yesterday morning as I ran a wash of some very tired looking underwear. Next up will be some very tired looking tee-shirts. Am I looking forward to the distanced shopping experience possibly coming to a High Street near you? YES!

Okay – we all have our moments.

Yesterday was the fish van. The fishmonger reports new customers as people working from home listen out for his horn. WIP made excellent progress including the writing of a love scene. They’re not my forte – I’m a Georgette Heyer sort of girl – but I rather liked this one. Hope the ed will, in due course, agree. Met book group pal on the way to buy potatoes and had a long chat. We’re both missing the family – nothing like a common interest to cement the bonds. Travelled to Madrid which has a lot of great public buildings and Cornwall which has a lot of very lovely spring-flowering trees and shrubs. DH lost at bridge.

Have you listened to Adventures With the Painted People yet? BBC Sounds, drama on 3?


Lockdown Diary – 2020 – 77 – Cotillion

Dress for Dancing by Freya

Now that the bee sting is downgrading to just being itchy, I could think about dancing but it seems to be an activity, Scottish Country Dancing, that will take a long time to return. Lots of hand holding is involved. People get out of breath in some of the faster dances. Social distancing isn’t the point…

I finished The Toll Gate yesterday and moved on. Cotillion is up next and it prompted me to find some u-tube videos of people dancing the cotillion in regency gowns. A square dance, it does involve hand holding, but in costume the ladies are wearing gloves. It’s not danced much now but is a forerunner of Quadrilles (which I have had a lesson in doing) and the English Square dance.

Aren’t we spending our time in lockdown profitably learning all these things?

Joanne Baird runs the Portobello Book blog and this morning she’s reviewing an apposite novel called Four Minutes to Save a Life by Anna Stuart. It’s apposite because the hero is a delivery driver and we’ve all needed them in these times. Currently on offer for kindle at 99p.

Went to an online drinks party, byob, hosted by Marie of the Royal Lyceum theatre with David Greig to mark last night’s broadcast on BBC Radio 3 of Adventures with the Painted People. Took a walk. Cooked a trout caught by a family member – delicious. There’s enough left for tonight with salad. Spoke to another family member on the phone.

See you tomorrow in week twelve.


Lockdown Diary – 2020 – 76 – Start the Week, Again

In the garden Bomarzo, Italy

So, how is your upcoming week looking? Are you starting it in church, Mayfield Salisbury’s online service is here? Today the youth ministry is led by Hillary and the sermon is given by Rev Neil Gardner for Trinity Sunday.

Perhaps you’re travelling, virtually, to somewhere exciting like the garden Bomarzo where the sculpture above is one of the attractions? Designed in the 16th century as an expression of grief and horror, the garden today retains a sense of out-of-this-worldliness.

Our armchair tour went to France yesterday and evoked memories of a lovely family week that included a swimming-pool, baby owls and a troupe of scouts singing around a campfire deep in the surrounding woods. Scrabble started with a bang as we both went out in the first 3 moves! Bee sting is waning in strength and the discoloured patch is now as big only as a coffee cup saucer and not a small tea-plate! Have removed a trout from the freezer and will hope to cook it for tonight’s tea. It’s quite large.

ADVENTURES WITH THE PAINTED PEOPLE by David Greig, directed by Elizabeth Newman and starring Kirsty Stuart and Olivier Huband is broadcast on BBC Radio 3 this evening. The Royal Lyceum, David is its artistic director, and Pitlochry Festival Theatre, Elizabeth Newman is their artistic director, communities will be tuning in. Why not join us – virtually.