Lockdown – 2020 – 15 – We’re all Vulnerable

Yesterday brought the alarming news that the PM, Boris Johnson, had been admitted to hospital and thence to intensive care. Despite having comparative youth and, as far as one knows, no underlying health issues, the Prime Minister has been badly affected by this scourge.

It serves to remind us what all the fuss we’re living with is about.

I’m watching the neighbours’ windows – in order to ensure they’re getting up. When my mum’s health was failing, one of her younger neighbours would pop along the pavement to see whether the living room curtains had been opened in the morning. Living at a distance, I found that reassuring.

As I hardly ever open my bedroom curtains, I’ve changed my habits for the duration. So if the neighbours are watching my windows, they can be reassured, too.

The picture at the top is of an art installation I saw in Kew Gardens in London in 2017. Reminds me that we will get out again and our artists will cheer us up again.

Made a ginger cake yesterday with some treacle and a bit of preserved ginger. Really good!

DH lost at bridge last night. Maybe the wrong whisky was served? Tonight, it’s my turn to try an online what’s-it. The book group have taken a Zoom slot.

The local butcher’s shop will now deliver. They’re asking for a day’s notice and an order for around 10 days of supplies – to minimise deliveries and staff time. DH thinks one of the fish shops will be open today, although no time specified.

Met a neighbour and teen when on our constitutionals. The neighbour spoke cheerily, the teen stared into space in teen manner. Good to know normal life is still possible…