Left Over

When I make my famous smoked salmon paté, there are very few leftovers and the pic above, taken during the launch of Bella’s Betrothal, backs me up. (In the interest of full disclosure, I should say the recipe came out of an article in the Radio Times and the ‘fame’ is localised.)

However, when catering for an indeterminate number, thanks Covid 19, there are going to be leftovers because what hostess would risk running out? And so it was with Christmas Dinner the second – oh, and a wee bittie from Christmas Dinner the first.

The wee bittie was served last night. Scottish Smoked salmon and a chunk of hot smoked with a leek, red pepper and spring onions, morphed into a great pasta sauce with the addition of some chicen stock and leftover double cream.

The bigger event has turned into celery soup for today’s lunch. Why didn’t I know how few of my family like braised celery? No clue. Anyway, their loss is DH and I’s gain. Together with three roast tatties, a spoonful of cooked cauliflower, half the brown gravy from the venison and the scrapings from the carton of cream, I think I have a winner.

Tonight, there’s leftover venison haunch and brown gravy. Add some veg and we’re good for another great meal. Hope the sommelier (aka DH) has some wine leftover, too.

What imaginative recipes have you created that have turned into family or seasonal favourites?

Writing? Ah, yes. Writing.



From the Igloo – Coping Mechanisms 3

Living in Edinburgh makes a heavy snowfall something of an event. I dislike snow and, although I can enjoy the beauty of pristine falls, simply long for it to melt.

Not an early chance of that if the BBC weather is to be believed.

Members of the extended family have been sledging and making snowmen. One or two might have had the Calcutta Cup added as an embellishment…

However, one or two have had to go out to work like the dedicated young lady who delivers our newspaper – warm thanks.

And the crew who brought our grocery delivery yesterday when it wasn’t warm but the snow wasn’t quite so thick. Again, many thanks.

So, the coping:

Grocery Delivery brought flowers. Daffs above, aloestramerias and a chrysanthemum pot plant. Cheered the house up considerably as the front garden, when you can see it, has 1 snowdrop and 1 aconite!

Looking for something else, I found a fresh cache of Georgette Heyer and one I may not have read before – or at least not for years.

Fellow inmate has had SPORT to watch. Cannot thank Channel Four enough. DH’s reaction when he discovered the cricket was on terestrial was like seeing the sun at the end of a very long tunnel.

Weight has dropped again and is now below a significant marker. This is good for morale and therefore ‘a positive’. Do hope the enforced loss of walks won’t be a problem. On advice of friend am watching Joe Wicks’s Absolute Beginners workout. I gather the intention is to join in, will consider that.

Am reading Cecilia Peartree’s Life and Death in the Woods, You can buy it here

Life and Death in the Woods by [Cecilia Peartree]

Writing? Serial is going well.

How is this added weather glitch affecting you?