DAISY’S DILEMMA and the earlier novels would not have been written without a lot of things coming together.

Or without the ongoing support of Tunnock’s Teacakes.

For some it’s the bottle. For others chocolate.

Some, I’ve heard rumours, just sit down at a keyboard and write. But I don’t give much credence…

My lovely family know of my weakness and I have a growing collection of artifacts. The most recent was a Christmas pressie from the DH.

China plate Teacake design

China plate Teacake design

Here it is – form an orderly queue, please. It can look like this:


Of course, some people deserve more teacakes than others. There’s my hugely talented cover artist, CK Volnek for one.

Also, I am indebted to my patient editor, JUDY ROTH without whom there would be dangling modifiers galore – oh, and many, many ‘thats’.

And finally, but not least, my publisher Lea Schizas. What a team!

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