Lockdown – 2020 – 14 – You Couldn’t Make It UP

So, that’s a turkey!

I’ve been flabbergasted before by the things people in the public eye do which it should have been clear to them, after about a nanosecond of reflection, they should not do.

Rationalisation is wonderful, but as a writer it writes and sells no fiction. It is entirely possible that a carload of family could go to a holiday house, meet and mingle with nobody else and come home. On the other hand, a storyline demands that both the family’s drivers take the virus simultaneously and all of the family become a burden on the local hard-pressed public services.

More uplifting was Her Majesty’s address to the nation last night. I felt encouraged and heartened by it and also by Her Majesty’s life-long example of service. That hasn’t been for a fleeting high-pressured moment, but for a near lifetime of getting on with the job.

And in Stenhouse Towers:

Enjoyed the leftover venison with some leftover stroganoff, made stock for today’s soup, celery, found some unsliced brown bread, met a friend on my walk who was out weeding round a tree (really), saw the plants laid out for swapping by the street what’s app group, took comfort from Rev Helen Alexander’s Sermon on Mayfield Salisbury’s website and got on with the 400 page Andrew Miller the book group will be discussing tomorrow.

It’s a bubble – but it’s not of my choosing.

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The sun is shining.