Diary of a Writer – December writing prompt

The Laundry

I’ve posted this picture before. It’s already inspired a story I wrote for the Writelink site. Looking at it today, I can feel a chill and I can smell the caustic chemicals necessary at the time this laundry was state of the art. Why am I selecting it now?

Two weeks ago my washing machine finally gave up the struggle. It had been showing signs of turning its taps off for a wee while, but ever one to soldier on, I kept nursing it along. After all, it had seen me through football strips and gym kits, Mum-in-law’s skin irritation, countless back from holiday washes and so much more. Through a period approachng twenty-five years, it had been there for me.

Come the day, it would not come on.

So what will this picture inspire today? The fruitlessness of hope over expectation? The warm glow of knowing there’s a ‘new toy’ to play with?

Will it be connections? New domestic circumstances – new writing goals? Poetry? Drama? A short story? An essay (there’s plenty going on to make one want to philosophise). Maybe just the letters for my Christmas Cards.

Do you keep on keeping on? Or are you an avowed ‘out with the old in with the new’ sort?