Lockdown – 2020 – 9 – A Penny Drops

Talking on the phone last night to an elderly and vulnerable friend, she said she’d had a shock. This had come in the form of a telephone call from a medical professional she has regular dealings with. The gist being my friend is expected to Not Go Beyond her Garden for another ten and a half weeks.

That clatter in my head was the penny dropping when I realised exactly what all of this isolation really means for those vulnerable people living alone. Many of them won’t have gardens and some may not have approachable neighbours.

In the half-full world, a lot of neighbours have been making themselves more approachable.

Yesterday saw some writing, shopping, washing and the FIRST SCRABBLE GAME.

He won. What can I say? He got the Q, Z and J and was often able to use two blanks…

There was also some lovely news from a long-term friend and the book group is looking at Zoom.

Catherine Czercawska wrote a moving and heartfelt tribute to radio producer Hamish Wilson who died last week and you can find it on her blog here

Annis Wychwood continues to delight.