Diary of a Writer – New Life – New Week

Magnolia, home

Magnolia, home

Watching the magnolia buds fill and finally burst, from my seat at the breakfast table is one of the major joys of spring. They are on the cusp and were it not for the temperature dip overnight the tree would be looking as it did when this picture was taken last year.

I could become all precious and tell you about how ideas are like that, too. You’re on target with the word count when a cold wind blows through the brain. Where does it come from? Who knows?

Started reading Hubble Bubble last night. It’s by the incomparable Jane Lovering. Had to stop as I was laughing so much I was going to wake those most in need of rest. Will find a way!

Also succumbed to the dramatization of Gerald Durrell’s My Family and Other Animals, STV (if that’s what it’s still called). Keeley Hawes is a delight to watch and the others weren’t bad either.

I did promise you an insight to my Blog wanderings among the A-Zers. How about wolves? My Edinburgh friend an fellow writer, Shelli Rosewarne, writer of paranormal and fantasy romance is here She’s featuring wonderful pictures of these fantastic animals.

No words were added to the wip. See cold breezes, above.