Lockdown Diary – 2020 – 117 – Travelling!

Given how much of my life to date has been spent travelling by bus, I’m remarkably short of pics of them. However, I do have this pic of a ‘river bus’ taken a couple of years ago in Berlin: boat out along the river and walk back.

Yes, I did get into a bus yesterday. Actually, I got into three buses – went to my head, I think. Firstly, I walked to the shopping centre, bought too much to carry home comfortably and caught the first bus in sixteen or seventeen weeks. After lunch, I decided I’d go into town and buy the book group book. having made a complete prat of myself when I discovered the bookshop in the mall was open. You may never have done this?

Me: It’s called something like – well, it has Rich in the title. The author’s name is foreign, maybe Indian or …

Assistant: Did he also write The Reluctant Fundamentalist?

Me: Um. I’m so sorry. I was surprised to find you open.

Assistant: Everything’s open. From Monday.

Me: I have the name written down…


At least I didn’t say: The cover’s blue. Particularly as it’s brown and ochre. How to Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia by Mohsin Hamid is now in my possession. Gosh, despite the above, it was such a normal feeling to be in a bookshop – two bookshops.

DH enjoyed a great walk with one of the family. Lovely weather and three eagles! Fishmonger was marking his 50th this week. Good progress on the re-write.