Lockdown – 2020 – 12 – Breakfast starts the day

On the Boil

Breakfast is the meal in this household and of today’s all I can say is “Could do better.”

You’ll all have your stories.

So, in diary land there’s little to report. Went out once yesterday combining excercise and shopping. DH played online bridge and won. I made a baking mix I found in the cupboard. Why did I have it when I don’t use baking mixes? Who knows? Anyway, tasted just fine and will make a good pudding for a couple of nights.

Deeply saddened by the rising toll of deaths among medical staff. It makes one’s own contribution of ‘staying at home’ seem truly feeble. However, it is what we’re asked to do and we must continue to do it.

Marchmont St Giles church have produced a guide to the shops open in their area. Called The Shuttle: Community Extra, you can find it here

And because marmalade brings him to mind, let me reccommend Heart of Stone by fellow RNA member and historical novelist, John Jackson. You can find that here