Towards Lunch – Things That Money Can’t Buy

Late last year, the redoubtable fundraiser, Charlotte Bray, approached me with a proposition. Would I consider offering character names in a new book in an auction of things money can’t buy?

Briefly wondering if she’d confused me with – well anyone really, Edinburgh is populated with many interesting and FAMOUS writers – I dithered. However, Charlotte is a pal so that was unlikely and once I’d recovered from the shock that she thought anyone would offer for such a prize, I approached the publishers, MuseItUp. They were tickled pink.

The offer went up and some behind the scenes stuff went on. I was of course travelling in outer Rajasthan without a decent pc when all this was going on, but some advertising was made.

The names were taken and their reserve price met.

So, says a young relative, what if these people are called something 21st century? Or are from a foreign country where their names are much loved, but actually unheard of in the UK – particularly in 1822? Yes, yes. I’m a writer. Even so the application of fabrication to such a problem was worrying.

No need. Two lovely names appeared in my inbox and those of you who go on to read Daisy’s Dilemma should look out for an Edinburgh neighbour and an Edinburgh coachman.

Have you ever faced such a dilemma? Have you ever thought that’s a good idea, I can do that and been on tenterhooks while things panned out?

Here’s a lovely lady with interesting head decorations. Photograph courtesy of Rachael Thomas, novelist and dairy farmer,