Lockdown Diary – 2020 – 96 – Elsewhere in the Forest

The topic for this mointh’s Round Robin is Do you have any charming likeable villains (in your own fiction)? The short answer was, No. I didn’t therefore write a post, but I do love writing a villain. In fact in my pocket novel, published on 23rd July, the villain was so interesting, I had to rein him back or he’d have been in a strong position to take over the storyline. Others have not been shy, however, and you can read their individual takes on this topic at any of thelinks below.

links below…

Skye Taylor http://www.skye-writer.com/blogging_by_the_sea
Fiona McGier http://www.fionamcgier.com/
Judith Copek http://lynx-sis.blogspot.com/
Dr. Bob Rich https://wp.me/p3Xihq-1W6
Connie Vines http://mizging.blogspot.com/
Diane Bator http://dbator.blogspot.ca/
Rhobin L Courtright http://www.rhobincourtright.com

Yesterday saw the launch of appetitedelivers and I want to recommend it to you. Appetite Events is another local firm missing out on its normal business because of the need for folk to avoid events. They have created some interesting menus for us to enjoy. The Fine Diner can collect from their premises in north Edinburgh or have a meal or picnic delivered to one’s house in Edinburgh. Details are at their brand new website: appetitedelivers.

Yesterday, there was rain, jigsaw, excellent fish from Charles Brown and a sortie into Jennifer Koestler’s Regency world of Georgette Heyer.