Lockdown Diary – 2020 – 102 – Eating In

So, the meal arrived with a complimentary bottle of white wine, easy to follow instructions and a new shopping sack. It was delicious. I did change.

Fishy starter of Loch Etive smoked trout with a riilette, celeriac and dill mayonnaise.

Guineafowl on a fricasee of small onions, muchrooms and lardons.

The sharp eyed among you will say – Where’s the pud? Patience, folks. We were pleasantly full by the time we’d eaten the main and decided to keep the pudding back as a treat for tonight when it’s fish á la maison with spuds.

Was there anything else yesterday? Shopped a little wearing a mask. Met a lovely lady on my way who invited me to her open house to mark her birthday – in November – so chances are quite high. Noticed the plumbing ware which has been languishing in a doorway in the main street for the whole of lockdown – had gone!  Made real progress with the serial plan. It’s relaxing to be back in 1869. DH won his croquet match.

Appetite Delivers