Lockdown Diary – 2020 – 77 – Cotillion

Dress for Dancing by Freya

Now that the bee sting is downgrading to just being itchy, I could think about dancing but it seems to be an activity, Scottish Country Dancing, that will take a long time to return. Lots of hand holding is involved. People get out of breath in some of the faster dances. Social distancing isn’t the point…

I finished The Toll Gate yesterday and moved on. Cotillion is up next and it prompted me to find some u-tube videos of people dancing the cotillion in regency gowns. A square dance, it does involve hand holding, but in costume the ladies are wearing gloves. It’s not danced much now but is a forerunner of Quadrilles (which I have had a lesson in doing) and the English Square dance.

Aren’t we spending our time in lockdown profitably learning all these things?

Joanne Baird runs the Portobello Book blog and this morning she’s reviewing an apposite novel called Four Minutes to Save a Life by Anna Stuart. It’s apposite because the hero is a delivery driver and we’ve all needed them in these times. Currently on offer for kindle at 99p.

Went to an online drinks party, byob, hosted by Marie of the Royal Lyceum theatre with David Greig to mark last night’s broadcast on BBC Radio 3 of Adventures with the Painted People. Took a walk. Cooked a trout caught by a family member – delicious. There’s enough left for tonight with salad. Spoke to another family member on the phone.

See you tomorrow in week twelve.