Lockdown Diary – 2020 – 140 – Exit Stage Left

The Lockdown Experience has made many of us confront and do things we hadn’t previously thought of: or achieved, if we had thought of them. In my own case, I’ve kept up this daily diary for 140 posts. That’s 20 weeks, folks!

I think it’s time to let it go now, although I may note anything major that comes along and of course my intermittant writing blog will be here.

For those following daily/weekly, we scored 10 in the Guardian Quiz. It may be our highest ever score. I walked out yesterday afternoon and notice that agapanthus is now competing with crocosmia (other name of Mombretia) as the dominant garden flower. DH has one flower on the smaller magnolia so it may be over its huff with the stonemasons. Courtesy of a friend, I have watched several Olive and Mabel shorts. Go and see, folks. We watched the Festival’s light show in the night sky last night. We’ve been tuning in to their online 2020 Festival. We saw many family members last week and some close friends over the w/e. Still a long way to go. Off to buy more masks this morning.

I have enjoyed the diary hugely. My thanks to the regular visitors such as Kate Blackadder, Anne Stormont, Joanne Baird, Ann Burnett, Gill Stewart, Rae Cowie, Rosemary Gemmell who have left comments. Also, I know there are others whose visits went unrecorded here, but who mentioned the diary elsewhere or to me personally. Thanks to them, too. It’s been great to have companionship on this adventure which was an unknown quantity to us all.

Writing the posts was a purpose for the day and meant I did go out to see what could be commented on, I did read what could be alluded to and I noted the local businesses in need of a mention. Sadly, not all of them survived.

Keep buying local folks.

Keep safe.