Round Robin – 2023 starts here

A new image from the talented Connie Vines

And the topic is: New Beginnings – how do you motivate yourself to get back to writing when life has interrupted your flow and/or, how do you begin a new writing challenge?

We’re under new management and I feel the first thing I want to do is thank the departing organiser, Rhobin Courtright. Her sterling efforts over a long period have prompted many interesting exchanges and made us think below the surface of our writers’ exteriors. Thank you, Rhobin, and all good wishes.

The second thing is to welcome the incoming organiser, Skye Taylor. I’m looking forward to continuing with these posts and thanks to Skye for takng it on.

A Quality Product

The celebrations around Christmastime are joyous but they are time-consuming. I hardly ever manage to write anything between the 3rd week of November and the 3rd week of January. This rules out participation in the competitions for a conference I go to. Yes, I know the competitions are the same or similar every year, and no, I cannot get organised to write entries in advance. However in early 2022 I did write an advent story about a Christmas tree and sent it in to the People’s Friend magazine. They bought it when seasonal stories were being read and it was published in December.


Next up, in the disruption stakes, is the annual marmalade extravaganza. The pic above is of an earlier year’s activity, but you get the idea – I nearly said flavour, but you’d have to taste it for that.

So, what now? Well, I think writing this post will help as it steers the mind back into work channels. Also, a little success goes a long way. The serial proposal I made to my editor last autumn has been accepted and I’ve been reading up on my character outlines and their story arcs. I’m gradually finding my mind full of what they’re gong to do next and that helps enormously.

In addition, the writing world’s social side has started up, too. Coffee with my friend and fellow Capital Writer, Kate Blackadder sparked a good exchange about our current projects. Early in February there’ll be an RNA Scottish chapter lunch so that, too, will be a stimulus. There are so many talented people in the RNA.

What is not helping is this new keyboard. It’s sticking. Hence I’m having either no letter depressed or three copies of it. The shift key is seizing and the ‘Enter’ one is sending the next para all the way down a page. It may be a visit to the accessories shop is on the horizon.

Below is a list of other robins and their approach to picking it up again. I’m sure there’ll be interesting tips to be learned.

best wishes for 2023,


Dr. Bob Rich   

Anne Graham 

Connie Vines   

Diane Bator     


Victoria Chatham

Fiona McGuire

Skye Taylor

Marci Baun


14 thoughts on “Round Robin – 2023 starts here

  1. I fully agree with the annual interruption to our regular writing discipline. Also agree that the chance to meet with other writers can fire up the imagination and excitement needed to get moving forward again. Congrats on the serial and enjoy those rabbit holes.


  2. Having trusted friends you can talk to about the craft is so very important. I have two in particular who help keep me accountable when words are difficult to wrangle onto the page.


    • Hi AJ Yes, it’s great to get knowledgeable feedback. I’m having problems commenting in Blogger.What I wanted to say about your post is: Hi AJ I love the way your ‘outline’ gradually disappears. My detailed synopsis is already unrecognisable, too. Souns as though you’re up and running, though. anne


  3. The holidays do have a way of derailing everything, don’t they. I don’t have that excuse. Until this recent series I’ve been working on, I haven’t had character outlines. I’ve always allowed the muse to take care of it, but it helps to have them when writing series with multiple characters.

    Perhaps you are right. Perhaps participating in this blog hop will get my head in work mode again.


  4. Yes, the holidays are time-consuming. But as I tell my family, traditions are the glue that holds a family together–and grounds memories for you to savor in later years. I don’t have a smart phone, so I rarely take any pictures. I prefer to be “in the moment,” so I can really enjoy being with my adored children and their children. I may be a writer, but I’m a mom first. Sometimes writing has to take the back seat to real life.


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