When my mum had had her first cataract removed, she stayed with us while recovering and as we’re well placed for the local library, she was off the following morning with my card in hand. As a person who doesn’t remember not being able to read, I lived her joy at being able to read again with her.

Ulverscroft are a large print publisher and they bring the joy of reading to so many people whose sight has become dimmed. It’s an honour to see my stories in their catalogue.

A Debt For Rosalie was first published by My Weekly and will be published in large print on Monday 1st November 2021.

Rosalie Garden arrives at Maldington House, an upmarket guest house, to work as a chef and earn enough to repay her father who bailed her out after her ex brought down her catering business. David Logie is the house’s owner, and son of the proprietor Agnes. Still mourning the early death of his wife, David wants to sell his inheritance. Together with Agnes, Rosalie works hard to frustrate David’s plans – and bring him to realise that he can love again.

So, why a prompt? Makes me want to do it again…



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