Coping Mechanisms 9 – A Wee Holiday

A Bastide town

We booked it eons ago, cancelled it, moved it, re-booked it. At last, we were able to visit some friends at their lovely house in the Dordogne. This picture is of a nearby Bastide Town where we wandered about in the sunshine and ate lunch outside in the square.

Despite the paperwork and the hours of mask wearing, it was a treat beyond price.

A work in progress

Museums are a constant source of inspiration and encouragement for artistic types. When next I think I’ve got a touch of writer’s block. I’ll look at this and marvel. In due course a mediaeval tradesman would turn it into something similar to the glorious completed windows I saw elsewhere.

A modern touch in an ancient craft.

That’s what I was doing last week. Loads of wonderful door pictures. Be patient.



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